The art of getting customers to buy again

The art of getting customers to buy again

Most of the products come with expiry dates and therefore you know when to replace it, like say, medicines. Or latest fads make you upgrade for a newer version like the iPhone. Or the product simply gets over (juice) or wears out (underwear) and you replace it. But what if you are the manufacturer of a product like a pillow. How can you get your customer to repurchase one after a particular period?

Tontine pillows have a message stamped on them that goes like “This is a Tontine fresh pillow. With normal use we suggest changing it by December 2014.”

Who would have thought to change the pillow you bought years ago? But Tontine is effectively changing that habit, by reminding you that the pillow needs to be changed every two years. By stamping a due date on the pillow, it serves as a cue every time the pillowcase gets removed for a wash.

Now suddenly after the pillow’s “expiry” you find you are not sleeping so well, worried about how viruses and bacteria can enter from your eyes, nose, ears, mouth. For Tontine, whether people buy a new pillow immediately after the expiry or after sometime, they have created a sense of product redundancy and improved their chances of repeat purchase.

Do you face a similar issue in getting your customers to buy more often?

Source: Bri Williams’ ‘22 minutes to a better business

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